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About Us

Our History


It was because of a strong desire to combat the orphan crisis, as well as strengthen families who have adopted or are involved in foster care, that Beckoned was established in 2011 by Steve and Lisa Stucky.

Beckoned began when Steve and Lisa Stucky wanted to do what little they could to improve the quality of life for families in developing nations.  Partnering with artisan groups led to job creation, making it possible for these moms and dads to keep their children, rather than relinquish them to orphanages or international adoption.  Over the next few years, Lisa would have the opportunity to visit each artisan group in Rwanda, Tanzania, Haiti, and India.

Meanwhile, back in Colorado, Lisa connected with local adoptive and foster moms, many of whom were longing for support and connection.  Their need for support inspired Lisa to host the first annual ladies’ retreat in the spring of 2013.

To date, the Stuckys continue to create job through the sales of artisan goods from developing nations.  Every September, the ladies’ retreat is hosted in Beaver Creek.  They also host a wide variety of events as a way to support local families, as they seek to raise their families in a Christ-centered manner.


Guests Who Have Attended A Dance

In 2017, as a way to serve our local community, we began hosting an annual Daddy Daughter Ball. The first mother and son barn dance will be hosted in 2019.


Ladies Who Have Attended A Retreat

Since 2014, Beckoned has hosted 7 retreats.  These retreats are a place for adoptive and foster moms, and those helping orphans worldwide, to gather, encourage, and strengthen one another.


Dollars Earned Through the Sale of Artisan Products

Your purchase helps combat the orphan crisis by creating jobs, which empowers parents to keep their children. Each purchase supports artisans in developing nations such as, Haiti, India, Rwanda, and Tanzania.


Strengthening Families in Crisis

Retreats are a place where women can be honest about their struggles in their journey of adoption, foster, and orphan care.  We value connection and authenticity as a way to find strength as we seek to love children from hard places.

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Serving our Local Community

It is our desire to help families connect with one another through the many events that we host at the Evergreen Red Barn.  Daddy Daughter Dances, Mother and Son Barn Dances, and the School of Honor are just a few opportunities for families to spend valuable time together.

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Supporting Artisans Around the World

You can support Beckoned by purchasing handmade goods from developing nations such as Haiti, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

First and foremost, your purchase will help artisans.

A portion of all sales will help offset costs and provide scholarships to families and moms who desire to attend our events but are financially unable to afford it.

New inventory is typically purchased in late fall every year, just in time for the holiday season.

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